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Hello and welcome to the page!

We support the efforts of York county’s premier incident reporting Facebook page. Southern Pennsylvania Incident Network (S.P.I.N.)  is a full time, fully staffed incident information page. With over 15  dispatch personnel, S.P.I.N. is your one stop place for all of the Fire / EMS calls.

We provide the call data directly to the S.P.I.N. dispatchers as well as posting the raw data here under our “Calls” tabs. We get the data directly from the York 911 paging system. This set up assures accurate call data, unlike other pages that cut and paste data from unknown sources.

We have LIVE  scanner audio feeds from around the USA under our Scanners tab.

Feel free to contact us about any issues you might have. We accept all input, whether it be good or bad.

Enjoy !

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